Human Pheromones: An Introduction

Do Pheromones Really Work?

Pheromones are aromatic chemical compounds released by one person that affect the sexual behavior or physiology of another individual.

There is no doubt that pheromones in human body have a very important role in mate attraction. Perfume manufacturers constantly attempt to create a scent that can make anyone irresistible. While there is really no such thing as a "secret love potion", pheromone oils and colognes are used by many people - singles who want to attract women or men, and couples who want to add some spice to their relationship.

You can buy human pheromones in a special human pheromone store online. There are some new companies that sell low-quality products and people who get pheromone products from such stores are disappointed and say that pheromones don't work. The good news is: pheromones DO work. If you choose your store carefully, and buy pheromone colognes, oils or perfumes produced by trusted manufacturers, you can expect excellent results.

Types and Effects of Pheromones

There are several kinds of human pheromone: Androstenol which makes the wearer seem more approachable and friendly; Androstenone which projects a dominant and aggressive aura and has a strong and sharp smell; Androsterone, creates an aura of protection usually associated with peaceful alpha males; Androstadienone, increases caring feelings and closeness; and Copulins - female pheromones that can increase testosterone levels in men. Some of the lesser known pheromones include Androstadienol and Estratetraenol.

Pheromone Products

The best and most popular pheromone products are: Scent of Eros, Primal Instinct, Realm, Alter Ego, The Edge, Impi, Pheromol Factor, Pheromax, Lure,Yes for Men, Chikara, NPA, Perception Spray, W.A.G.G, Rogue Male, Silent Seduction, and some others - get more details about pheromones.

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